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Software Testing Course With Placement

Software Testing Course With Placement - ITView

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    Pune, Maharashtra, India
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Course Description

A position in <a href="">software testing</a>
is a specialized role and is among the most sought-after fields within the IT industry. Global competitive pressures place a significant demand on IT companies to deliver error-free software from the outset. Consequently, there is a high demand for software testing professionals capable of conducting precise testing of such software. The Software Testing Course in Pune, provided by ITView, addresses this demand by imparting structured training to students, ensuring a well-balanced mix of theory and practical sessions. Throughout the program, students gain a comprehensive understanding of practical testing techniques expected by the industry.

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Pune, Maharashtra, India

ITView is one of the best for software training in Pune. The institute provides world-class education and empowers students with skills that make them in-demand IT professionals. Read More

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