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SAP HANA Course in Pune -Technogeeks -Trainwick

Course Detail


SAP HANA Course - Technogeeks

Course Detail

Course Description

Duration : 7 weekends

SAP HANA syllabus
    • SAP HANA Studio
    Modeler, Administration View, Navigator, System Monitor
    • Architecture of SAP HANA

      Row Store

      Column Store

      Database engine of HANA

      Data modeling




      • Modeling in SAP HANA
      Create Attribute Views

      Design Analytical Views

      Create Calculation Views from multiple analytical Views

      Best Practices while Creating Information Models

      Performance Optimization techniques in SAP HANA

      Currency Conversion

      Variables in HANA

      Meta data import to SAP HANA Using SAP BODS

      Export Models

      Import Models

      SQL Script

      CE Functions

      Hierarchies – Level Based Hierarchies and Parent Child Hierarchies

      Restricted Measures & Calculated Measures & Calculated Attributes

      Joins in SAP HANA : Referential Join, Text Join, Inner Join, Right Outer Join & cardinalities

       Auto Documentation of Information Models

      • Reporting

      SAP BI BO 4.0 Reporting Tools connectivity with SAP HANA

       IMCE Clients – ODBO , ODBC, JDBC, BICS

       Microsoft Excel 2010 Connection to HDB

       Create Universe through Information Design Tool using JDBC Connections.

       Web Intelligence Document on SAP HANA Universe.

       Design studio


       BO Analysis for Office

       BO Analysis for OLAP

       BO Explorer

       Crystal Reports for enterprise

      • Data Provisioning Or Data Loading

      SAP LANDSCAPE Transformation – SLT

      SAP BODS Load to SAP HANA – ODP Enabled

      Data Sources

      SAP DXC – Direct Extractor Connection

      Flat File Upload to SAP HANA

      SAP BODS : Overview Data Services Workbench and Designer

      Creating Data store for ECC and HANA

      • Administration in SAP HANA

      Backup & recovery

      SAP HANA Studio Installation and Configuration

      Clients installation

      Create ODBC Connections

      Monitor HDB

      Multi Version Concurrency Control – MVCC

      IMDB Installation

      • User Management & Security

      Distributed System Handling – Cold backup and Hot Backup

       Persistency Layer

       Creating Users

       Creating Roles

       Assign privileges to Users/Roles

       Template Roles

       SQL Statements for user management

       Analytical Privileges, Package Privileges, System Privileges, SQL Privileges

      • COPA Accelerator

       COPA Overview COPA Reporting in HANA

       Architecture for CO – PA Accelerator , Use Case Scenarios , Scope

       DBSL – Database Shared Library Connection for HANA as secondary Database

       SLT Replication – SAP HANA Model

      • SAPBW on HANA

      Overview of SAP BW

       SAP BW Powered By Hana as database

       In Memory Optimized Info cube

       In Memory Optimized DSO

      Bex Report on SAP HANA Transient Provider

      SAP BW Composite provider on HANA model

Institute Overview

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Our Story Technogeeks is a Group of IT working professionals, located in Pune. Technogeeks Trainers are working on real-time projects on multiple technologies and always believe to share the knowledge and best practices to help the candidates to bui... Read More

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