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PHP Training

We presents the best PHP coaching institute and training in Pune Average of 4.8 out of 5 based on 242 Votes.

PHP – a server side scripting language created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 – is installed on more than 200 millions of web sites and more than 2 millions of web servers. As it is open source by nature and an efficient programming language, it is today's one of the widely used languages for web development. Thus, there is a huge demand for PHP programmers.

This course is suitable for all the students who are making their career in programming field and the professionals who want to brush-up their knowledge. There are many PHP training institute in pune but we train in a better way. We see to it that the theory and practical sessions go alternatively and effectively. In this manner, every concept gets simplified and is explained with adequate details in our PHP training sessions.

Topics covered in PHP-MySQL:

  1. Introduction to Web Technology Initially, we will go through History of PHP, HTML, Basic Tags, CSS, Tables and Forms.
  2. Javascript Introduction, Variables, Operators, Data Type Conversions, Functions, Control Structure, Date Time functions and Form Manipulation.
  3. MYSQL Introduction about Database, Data Types, DML, DDL, Aggregate functions, Date & Time functions, Stored Procedure, Sub query, Joins and all the Mysql concepts required in PHP.
  4. Introduction to PHP Concept, History, Web Brower, Web Server, WAMP, Installation and Configuration files of PHP.
  5. Fundamentals of PHP Syntax, Operators, Variables, Constants, Control, Structure, Language construct and Functions.
  6. Functions Syntax, Arguments, Variables, References, Return types and Variable Scope.
  7. Arrays Enumerated arrays, Associative array, array iteration, Multi-dimensional array, Array function and SPL.
  8. Date & Time functions Vast number of functions which are pre-defined in PHP.
  9. Object Oriented programming (OOP) Instantiation, Modifiers, Inheritance, Interfaces, Exceptions, Static Methods and Properties, Auto load, Reflection, Type Hinting and Class Constant.
  10. String and Patterns Quoting, Matching, Extracting, Searching, Replacing and Formatting of strings & patterns.
  11. Web Features Sessions, Forms, GET and POST data, Cookies and HTTP Headers.
  12. Database programming Creating a connection, Selecting a database, Execute Queries and Retrieving the results using various MySQL functions.
  13. Streams and Network Programming Files, Reading & Writing in a file, File System functions, Streams, File Uploading and File Downloading.

Course duration: 50 hrs.

At last in our session of 

PHP training in pune

,you will be assigned a Project.

We provide you a PHP certification of our Envision Computer Training Institute (ECTI) after your successful completion of the course, and also help you to prepare for authorized certifications.

We also provide syllabus oriented PHP training to university students from the field of BCA, BCS, Bsc.(I.T.), BE(Computer-Science), BE(I.T.), MCA

Prerequisites for this course:

Knowledge of any object oriented programming language like C++ or Java will be helpful in the PHP course.

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Pune, Maharashtra, India

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