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PHP ADVANCE COURSE in Ranchi -Ambizen india -Trainwick

Course Detail


PHP ADVANCE COURSE - Ambizen india

Course Detail

Course Description


Ambizen india is one of the Best PHP Training Institute in ranchi .We provides real-time and placement derived Advance PHP Training course in ranchi. Our aim is to make a well-rounded player with learning PHP coding and also others like MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, Content Management System (CMS) tools like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PHP real-time project and PHP/MySQL placement training.


Our Advance PHP course in ranchi includes right from the basic to advanced level in our PHP Course is designed to get great placements in good software companies. Our trainers are highly certified, experienced working professionals with hands-on real-time working on multiple Php projects at pursuing PHP Certification. We have designed our course syllabus based on technical requirements. Our PHP Training Institute in ranchi is well equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure for growth and development. Here are some of the bigger details that you should be knowing about PHP or in case you just need a brush-up.

The Course will empower you to create a complete custom built ecommerce website on PHP, infact during the training you can actually create an ecommerce website.ambizen india team will schedule your job interviews with organizations who approach ambizen india for PHP resources.We serve 100% job guarantee courses With end to end placement assistance.


We also provide PHP,Mysql video tutorials to our students after each class for better practice,revision . It is the same like we provide training in class . It’s recorded in Hindi language.



Advance PHP training course Syllabus :

An Introduction to PHP

  • Lesson 1. History of PHP
  • Lesson 2. Versions and Differences between them
  • Lesson 3. Practicality
  • Lesson 4. Power
  • Lesson 5. Installation and configuring Apache and PHP

Default Syntax

  • Lesson 1. Styles of PHP Tags
  • Lesson 2. Comments in PHP
  • Lesson 3. Output functions in PHP
  • Lesson 4. Datatypes in PHP
  • Lesson 5. Configuration Settings
  • Lesson 6. Error Types

Variables in PHP

  • Lesson 1. Variable Declarations
  • Lesson 2. Variable Scope
  • Lesson 3. PHP’s Superglobal Variables
  • Lesson 4. Variable Variables

Constants in PHP

  • Lesson 1. Magic Constants
  • Lesson 2. Standard Pre-defined Constants
  • Lesson 3. Core Pre-defined Languages
  • Lesson 4. User-defined Constants

Control Structures

  • Lesson 1. Execution Control Statements
  • Lesson 2. Conditional Statements
  • Lesson 3. Looping Statements with Real-time Examples


  • Lesson 1. Creating Functions
  • Lesson 2. Passing Arguments by Value and Reference
  • Lesson 3. Recursive Functions


  • Lesson 1. What is an Array?
  • Lesson 2. How to create an Array
  • Lesson 3. Traversing Arrays
  • Lesson 4. Array Functions

Include Functions

  • Lesson 1. Include, Include_once
  • Lesson 2. Require, Require_once

Regular Expressions

  • Lesson 1. Validating text boxes,emails,phone number,etc
  • Lesson 2. Creating custom regular expressions

Object-Oriented Programming in PHP

  • Lesson 1. Classes, Objects, Fields, Properties, _set(), Constants, Methods
  • Lesson 2. Encapsulation
  • Lesson 3. Inheritance and types
  • Lesson 4. Polymorphism
  • Lesson 5. Constructor and Destructor
  • Lesson 6. Static Class Members, Instance of Keyword, Helper Functions
  • Lesson 7. Object Cloning and Copy
  • Lesson 8. Reflections

PHP with MySQL

  • Lesson 1. What is MySQL
  • Lesson 2. Integration with MySQL
  • Lesson 3. MySQL functions
  • Lesson 4. Gmail Data Grid options
  • Lesson 5. SQL Injection
  • Lesson 6. Uploading and downloading images in Database
  • Lesson 7. Registration and Login forms with validations
  • Lesson 8. Pagging, Sorting,…..

Strings and Regular Expressions

  • Lesson 1. Declarations styles of String Variables
  • Lesson 2. Heredoc style
  • Lesson 3. String Functions
  • Lesson 4. Regular Expression Stntax(POSIX)
  • Lesson 5. PHP’s Regular Expression Functions(POSIX Extended)

Working with the Files and Operating System

  • Lesson 1. File Functions
  • Lesson 2. Open, Create and Delete files
  • Lesson 3. Create Directories and Manipulate them
  • Lesson 4. Information about Hard Disk
  • Lesson 5. Directory Functions
  • Lesson 6. Calculating File, Directory and Disk Sizes

Error and Exception Handling

  • Lesson 1. Error Logging
  • Lesson 2. Configuration Directives
  • Lesson 3. PHP’s Exception Class
  • Lesson 4. Throw New Exception
  • Lesson 5. Custom Exceptions

Date and Time Functions Authentication

  • Lesson 1. HTTP Authentication
  • Lesson 2. PHP Authentication
  • Lesson 3. Authentication Methodologies


  • Lesson 1. Why Cookies
  • Lesson 2. Types of Cookies
  • Lesson 3. How to Create and Access Cookies


  • Lesson 1. Session Variables
  • Lesson 2. Creating and Destroying a Session
  • Lesson 3. Retrieving and Setting the Session ID
  • Lesson 4. Encoding and Decoding Session Data
  • Lesson 5. Auto-Login
  • Lesson 6. Recently Viewed Document Index

Web Services

  • Lesson 1. Why Web Services
  • Lesson 2. RSS Syntax
  • Lesson 3. SOAP
  • Lesson 4. How to Access Web Services

XML Integration

  • Lesson 1. What is XML
  • Lesson 2. Create a XML file from PHP with Database records
  • Lesson 3. Reading Information from XML File

MySQL Concepts

  • Lesson 1. Introduction
  • Lesson 2. Storage Engines
  • Lesson 3. Functions
  • Lesson 4. Operators
  • Lesson 5. Constraints
  • Lesson 6. DDL commands
  • Lesson 7. DML commands
  • Lesson 8. DCL commands
  • Lesson 9. TCL commands
  • Lesson 10. Views
  • Lesson 10. Views
  • Lesson 11. Joins
  • Lesson 12. Cursors
  • Lesson 13. Indexing
  • Lesson 14. Stored Procedures
  • Lesson 15. Mysql with PHP Programmin

Syllabus Updates : Since each new technologies of Web Development has new features, we keep adding upgrading our syllabus every 6-12 months to accommodate for advancement. Some topics can be omitted from syllabus without prior notice as they might be redundant or not relevant to the batch being trained. You can request any Web Topic.

Institute Overview

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

TRAINING INSTITUTE IN RANCHI AmbizenIndia Provides Best PHP & Digital Marketing Training courses in Ashok Nagar, Ranchi Jharkhand. Our PHP courses are very flexible and can be attended when it suits you most. PHP Training in Ra... Read More

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