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Dot Net Course in Chennai -BITA -Trainwick

Course Detail

Dot Net Course

Dot Net Course - BITA

Course Detail

Course Description

Dot Net Training in Chennai

BITA Academy offer best Microsoft Dot Net Training in Chennai that will help you learn ASP.Net MVC framework to create real time web apps. Call us if you need to attend free demo session for our Dot Net Course in Chennai.

Best Dot Net Training in Chennai

Dot Net Framework is an important component of Microsoft Windows, which is used to run and create apps based on XML Web. This framework is used to create form and web based apps and it supports multiple languages such as VB, C# etc. You should gain good knowledge in MVC framework only if you complete our Microsoft Dot Net MVC Training in Chennai. Dot Net Framework allows you to build an app that access data inside of SQL Server and we will cover these topics in our Dot Net Training. You will learn to reduce HTML and explore how to publish apps.  We will cover basics and advanced topics, which will help you to add an abstraction that will simulate data access to SQL Server DB. Our Dot Net Training and placement is a real time practical oriented one which is useful for you to work in IT enterprises.

BITA Academy – Best Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai

  • Once you complete our Advanced Dot Net Training and placement course in chennai, you will gain enough confidence to work in real time projects.
  • We offer Best Dot Net Training with placement assistance for students who wants to learn it in interactive mode. This is one of the reason, we have been rated as the Best Dot Net Training Institutes in Chennai.
  • Our trainer teaching skill is excellent and they are very polite when it comes to clearing doubts.
  • We conduct mock test that will be useful for your Interview Preparation. 
  • You will get lifetime support from us even after you complete the Dot Net course in Chennai.
  • We have a knowledge of the IT market and our Dot Net training course content is in line with latest trend.
  • In addition, anyone who looks for a career in Dot Net field shall contact us anytime.

Why do you need to learn Dot Net Training?

Professionals show interest to learn Dot Net Course since they has passion to build apps with Dot Net and C#. And if anyone who has to be familiar with C# program must study Dot Net Training Classes in Chennai. Our Dot Net MVC Framework Training in chennai is useful for freshers and starters who has minimum knowledge in coding. BITA Academy is rated as the best Dot Net Training center in Chennai Velachery and you can check our google reviews to know more details about it. You will learn to access ADO.Net and new features in ASP.Net in our MVC Framework Training in Chennai with real time projects from Best Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai.

Dot Net Training Course Syllabus

PART 1: An Overview of Dot Net Framework

  • Deep Dive on .Net Platform
  • Why is Dot Net different from other languages?
  • An Overview of .Net Framework class
  • What is common language Run Time (CLR)?
  • Deep Dive on .Net Assemble

PART 2: Deep Dive on Visual Studio .Net

  • How to set profiles?
  • Do you know to create a project?
  • How to use the solution explorer?
  • What is the approach to be followed to set project properties?
  • How to add references?
  • Do you know to use the code editor?
  • How to compile and run a program?
  • Do you know about .Net Program in C#?
  • Data Types
  • Difference between value and reference types
  • Deep Dive on Control and Conditional Statement
  • If and Else loop
  • While
  • Do and While loop
  • How to use Break and Continue?
  • How to use Switch and Case?

PART 3: Data Structures

  • How to define and use arrays?
  • Do you know to use system array?
  • How to define and use structures?
  • Do you know to define and use Enumerations?

PART 4: Deep Dive on Exception Handling

  • What is Exception?
  • Deep Dive on Dot Net Exception Hierarchy
  • Do you know to catch and throw Exceptions?
  • What do you know about Finally?
  • How to use it?
  • Do you know to define Custom Exception Types?
  • Class
  • Class Members
  • Access Modifiers
  • Do you know to work with methods and property procedures?
  • Constructors
  • Finalizers
  • Do you know to work with Indexers?

PART 5: Advanced Object Oriented Program

  • Do you know to define and implement interfaces?
  • How to define and implement inheritance?
  • How to force inheritance with Abstract Class?
  • Do you know to prevent inheritance with sealed class?
  • Partial Class
  • Generics
  • Iterators
  • Deep Dive on Nullable Types
  • What do you know about anonymous methods?
  • Delegates and Events
  • Different Types of delegates
  • How to define events?
  • What do you know about event handlers?

PART 6: Windows Program in C#.Net

  • What do you know windows Forms?
  • Controls
  • How to use the windows form designer?
  • Lifecycle of a Form
  • How to use controls?
  • Difference between Label and Textbox Controls
  • Button and other controls
  • Check box and Radio Button Controls
  • How to manage list?
  • Tool Tip Control
  • How to use Error Provider Control?
  • How to build menus and MDI forms?
  • Timer 
  • Data Time Picker

PART 7: Dialogs

  • How to use message box class and standard dialogs?
  • Difference between Modal and Modeless Dialogs
  • How to use DialogResult?

PART 8: ADO .Net

  • Deep Dive on ADO.Net Object Model
  • Difference between connected and disconnected access
  • How to use different functions in ADO.Net?
  • How to use Stored Procedures?
  • More about Data Reader Class
  • Data Set Class
  • Data Adapter Class

PART 9: How to work with Assemblies?

  • Role of Dot Net Assemblies
  • Difference between private and shared assemblies
  • Strong Names
  • Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
  • How to consume shared assemblies?
  • Do you know to read and write files?
  • Deep Dive on System.IO Name Space
  • How to examine files and directions?
  • Deep Dive on Serialization and multithreading in Dot Net
  • How to create threads in C#?
  • What do you know about Thread Synchronization?

PART 10: Deep Dive on ASP.NET

  • What do you know about web apps?
  • Why is Scripting important?
  • Difference between Client and Server Side Scripting
  • What is ASP.Net?
  • Difference between ASP and ASP.Net
  • Benefits of Page Directives
  • Do you know to separate code and design?
  • Web Forms
  • Controls
  • Lifecycle
  • Different Types of Validation Controls
  • User Controls
  • Master Pages

PART 11: State Management

  • Different State Management methods
  • What do you know about session and app Variable?
  • Deep Dive on ASP.Net Session State
  • App State

PART 12: Caching

  • Deep Dive on Caching
  • Page Output Caching
  • Page Data Caching
  • What do you know about fragment caching?
  • Deep Dive on Security Workflow
  • What do you know about window and form based authentication?
  • Membership
  • How to authorize user and roles?
  • How to deploy ASP.Net app?

PART 13: ASP.Net XML Web Services

  • An Overview of XML Web Services
  • How to write a simple web services?
  • What do you know about Web Services Marshalling?
  • How to use data in Web Services?
  • Benefits of Web Parts
  • How to use Web Part Controls?


  • An Overview of ASP.Net MVC
  • Difference between ASP and ASP.Net MVC
  • Model
  • Views
  • Controller
  • WCF – An Overview
  • Simple Service and Client
  • Contracts
  • Binding
  • Hosting
  • How to consume WCF Service from client WPF?
  • Deep Dive on WPF
  • What do you know about XAML?
  • More about WPF App
  • How to gather User Input?
  • Do you know to perform Validation?

Dot Net Certification and Exams

We Provide certificate for all students after completion of Dot Net Training and placement. Your resume will have an extra value add if you have a Dot Net course completion certificate from us or from any of the reputed Dot Net training institute in chennai.

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Institute Overview

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

A First Class Technology Learning Platform BITA – Best IT Academy is a leading IT training hub driven by IT professionals. We offer a competent platform to enable powerful and positive transformation in IT for better career opportunity and adv... Read More

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